10 Ways to Make Money in One Day

If you're in a pinch, there are ways to make money in one day. While your options may be limited you can find something on this list of ten ideas.

When you need money now, it can be hard to
find it. Sure, there are tons of ways to earn extra money but most take at
least a week before you get any payment. Even though your options are a bit
limited we’ve rounded up ten ways to make money in one day.

Here’s what you can try.

Sell Clothes on Facebook Groups

Selling in Facebook groups is an easy way to earn extra money
quickly. If you have any clothing that is in good condition that you no longer
wear, try posting in Facebook Yardsale groups. You may need to post in multiple
groups to sell your items fast. Just search for “garage sale” or “for sale” in
your county.

Other items that you may be able to sell on Facebook:

  • Shoes
  • “Lots” of Books
  • Baby Items
  • Home Décor Items
  • Furniture


Babysitting is a tried and true way to quickly earn extra
money. If you know a couple who would like a day free from kids, offering to
babysit could get you the money you need.

Take on Seasonal Work

Every season there is different work you can complete when
you need extra cash. Try things like…

  • Spring- Wash Windows, Tidy Up Outside
  • Summer – Mow Lawns, Weed Eat
  • Fall – Rake Leaves
  • Winter- Shovel Snow

Turn in Old Electronics

If you have old laptops, tablets or cellphones you can sell or recycle for money. I have a list of places that allow you to mail in your old electronics here. However, for quicker cash I recommend searching for an electronics collection place in your area.

Find a Gig on Freelancer

If you have any skills in marketing, writing, data entry or design you can probably find a quick job to complete on Freelancer.com. Freelancer is a site that allows users to bid on projects in a variety of different fields. Payment is issued upon satisfactory completion of the project.

Recycle Scrap Metal

Metals that are worth the most money include aluminum,
copper, stainless steel and bronze. So, if you have some scrap metal laying
around or know someone who would be willing to give you theirs to get it off
their property, you can cash it in.

Have a Yard Sale

Depending on the time of year and where you live, having a yard sale is always an option for quick cash. Here are our tips for a successful yard sale.

Sell Unused Gift Cards at a Discount

Have you received gift cards for places you don’t frequent? Sell
them for a percentage off to someone who will use them.

Clean Houses

Are you a good cleaner? Post on your social media pages that
you have some openings for the day and are available to clean houses. Be sure
to agree on payment beforehand.

Visit the Pawn Shop

Pawn shops will always make the bottom of my list when it
comes to quickly earning extra cash. However, if you’re hard up this may be one
of the only options you have. Most pawn shops will accept any item of value and
you’ll have the option of pawning or selling it.

Just be forewarned that you won’t got anywhere near
the amount the item is actually worth.

Other Ways to Make Money

When it comes to making extra money in one day, your options
are pretty limited. However, if you need to up your income permanently there
are tons of side hustles you can start.

Here are some of my faves:

If you know of any other legit ways to make money in one day let us know in the comments.

If you're in a pinch, there are ways to make money in one day. While your options may be limited you can find something on this list of ten ideas.

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