An Expectant Mom’s Guide To Baby Freebies

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If you reached this site because you’re a mom-to-be and you’re curious about your future baby’s materials, you’ve come to the right place. As a future mom, you know how fast the cost of commodities like clothes, milk, and diapers adds up, and the importance of saving on these supplies can’t be underestimated. But fret not because freebies are available from many companies for expecting moms and new moms.

There’s a lot on the plate for new parents, and financial stress is one of the biggest obstacles to welcoming your baby into your family. Aside from the cost of transforming a designated area in your home into a nursery, you’ll be required to buy bibs, strollers, walking trainers, car seats, and a lot of cute clothes like onesies. This adds up to very stressed-out fathers and mothers who need a bit of a break from the expenditure required to raise and take care of a child successfully. 

Freebies For Babies

Fortunately, many companies will give you free stuff when your newest family member arrives. With the proper knowledge, you can save money on diaper bags and baby clothes, so you can enjoy your journey to being a parent more. There are many essentials to choose from before your baby arrives, and the best thing you can do to simplify your life is to take advantage of sample offers from many of the most popular baby brands. Using this approach, you’ll get to try a bunch of stuff and make your choice. 

However, it may cost you time to sign up for baby registries and fill up forms for loyalty programs or newsletters. But you wouldn’t mind all these as you get to enjoy many perks, right? The best advantage of this approach is mothers can relax more and simply wait for the baby’s arrival. You have a lot of time to focus on caring when you know which stuff is excellent for your little bundle of joy.

There are several free baby stuff and samples for new and expectant moms and dads bundled together in this post for your convenience! Here are some of them:

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1. Soon-to-be Mom Welcome Box 

If you sign up for a baby registry with some online stores or apps, you’ll receive a free welcome box from them. The goodies can add up to USD$35 worth of items, and you just need to sign up and register online if you’re not a member yet. Add and complete some things on your checklist, and you just need to purchase USD$10 from the registry. What’s good about these online stores is you’ll get some discount on diapers and baby food when you join some of their partnered brands. 

In some instances, you’d even receive an automatic price reduction for completing the registration form. This means you can make a second order and use the discount when you receive your gifts. You’ll always find something to put on your registry last minute, so this discount is beneficial. These numbers amount to a substantial amount and some stores offer only two discounted batches, so make sure to add up as many products in one order. 

2. Baby Food Gift Box 

With an account in baby food stores online, you’ll get free stuff from the company and discounts on baby stuff. It’s not uncommon for them to send surprises such as baby bibs, cute onesies, foods, and baby formula. 

Also, their members receive some pretty awesome services. There could be a baby food planner offered to moms which allows you to create a customized diet while other amazing services include having an access to chat with a doctor. You can ask and talk about any concern related to your baby and receive information tailored to your baby’s specific needs. Nothing gets better than that!

3. Diapers Baby Box 

For mothers starting their baby registry with some diaper companies online, they’ll receive a free diapers baby box. The sample box contains offers from popular baby brands producing the most quality baby diapers you can find. The only minor downside is you have to settle the shipping fee.

If you want to claim your gift box, all you need to do is sign up to their online registry, fill out the form, and settle the shipping payment. That’s it!

4. Free Baby Formula 

This is one more way you can save money on your baby’s supplies. A baby formula membership gives individuals free formula samples, savings, and benefits up to USD$400, depending on the company you choose. You may also receive nutritional guidance while you’re pregnant. 

Their welcome gifts tend to vary, but you’ll always receive an incentive for joining. Also, you’d never have enough baby formulas!

5. Free Stuff In A Box 

In case you haven’t heard of free baby stuff in a box, some companies provide expecting mothers with a free sample box of baby essentials plus a helpful guide to new moms. You’ll also have to pay for the shipping, but it’s completely fine considering all the freebies you’ll be getting. You might wonder what stuff comes with this box since all boxes are different, but these products usually come in them: baby lotion, diapers, bibs, and other baby paraphernalia. 

6. Wipes And Diapers For Free 

You can earn redeemable points each time you buy baby wipes or diapers as part of some diaper companies’ rewards program. Your points being accumulated matter, so when you spend a dollar for their wipes or diapers, you earn specific points for that. Also, take surveys or spread the word on social media sites to earn extra points. You can even earn automatic points for signing up! 

You can upload your receipt into their rewards system whenever you buy wipes, diapers, or other baby products. If you’ve accumulated enough, you’ll be able to request coupons for free diapers and other products or gift cards. Additional prizes include a year’s supply of diapers! Simply amazing, right?

7. Discounts And Coupons From Furniture Shops

Some family and furniture shops are hard to beat when it comes to discounting, especially on their fantastic food and low-priced home goods. When you’re on the lookout for some baby-friendly furniture, it’s time to find your preferred store and start shopping!

Sign up for a free membership to some family stores, and you’ll receive food offers and coupons if you do. Find a store having mattresses and beddings in addition to kitchenware, and chances are you’ll find something you’ll truly love! You can probably find some stuff to help you sustain your daily life if you’re working from home with kids

8. Baby Goodies In A Bag 

If you get lucky while shopping, you’ll receive a goodie bag where you’ll find a baby registry filled with over USD$100 worth of stuff. However, you have to sign up in person for this. Visit the nearest mall and check out if this program is offered in your town or city. 

Coupons for diapers and even coffee are included among the freebies, and some say the samples include a waterproof diaper rash cream, a multivitamin, nursing storage bags, baby pacifiers, diapers, wipes, and even baby-feeding natural bottles. This will indeed wow any mom!

9. Diapers Reward Program 

Get coupons, baby toys, gears, and many more baby items whenever you buy diapers with the rewards program. Some companies require you to download an app to join, and you’ll be earning points for all of your purchases. You get huge points for one diaper pack or if you buy in bulk. If you download their app, some companies offer a few points automatically. 

10. Baby Hygiene Freebies 

Forget about the USD$10 shipping fee as some companies offer just USD$5.95 for shipping, and you get a free diaper and wipes set as well as an essential bundle entailing all the baby hygiene products you need for your newborn. Some stores offer a set with more than USD$100 worth of products, including diapers and wipes, shampoo and body wash, a baby lotion, cleaner, healing balm, and hand soap. 

Some companies even offer organic products which are best for your baby and safe for the environment. However, you need to cancel your subscription within seven days, or you’ll be charged monthly for their gift subscription service. But if you don’t mind receiving these supplies of goodies every month, feel free to continue your subscription.


This list of pregnancy freebies includes some of the essential items for your little one, so you don’t have to break the bank for the necessities at least for the first few months! Getting in touch with your inbox is a daunting thought after subscribing to a lot of different newsletters, but it won’t hurt to deal with each one by one. 

Check out all the products, and keep an eye out for future deals and helpful parenting tips by keeping up with the companies’ newsletters. Don’t subscribe to things not beneficial or fit for you and your baby. Overall, enjoy your journey of being a new mom by maximizing these freebies!

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