Become Audience sitter: Watch a tv show and get paid

Become Audience sitter: Watch a tv show and get paid

APPLY FOR AUDIENCE and get paid : US only

Would you like to become an audience in a tv shows/ programs and see your favorite actors, singers, celebrities? Clapping your hands, laughing all along, and just enjoy the moments and the best of all you get paid by just being a audience sitter. Who don’t like it? If you like to make an extra cash and like to watch a live tv shows, then this gig is for you. This gig is available in US only. Below, are the 3 companies will pay you to watch a show.


Make sure that your profile information is current and accurate on Standing Room Only. They are now using SMS texting and e-mailing for last minute show bookings called “Rush Calls”. Make sure your information is accurate!! Once logged into your account, apply for a Show or Shows you want to attend.  ** Note: If you have friends that also want to attend have them create an account on also and apply to the shows. If you are selected to attend the show, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. ** YOU MUST CONFIRM THE E-MAIL & SIGN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR FORM TO BE BOOKED AND GET ON THE LIST ** Don’t miss the last-minute changes! This is TV production and things can change at a moments notice. To stay on top of the changes call the SRO hotline for all the details for each shows address, times, etc. Call the hotline after 7:45pm for the next day’s shows 323-645-4425

get paid to watch tv show
earn extra cash by becoming audience sitter

Instructions to APPLY and CONFIRM for Audiences

Read the full description of the show and click APPLY to submit if you qualify. SRO members who will be booked for the show will receive an email to confirm or log in and check this page. If you are booked you will see a confirmation button under the show description; click the button fill in the requested info, sign the IC agreement and you will be added to the list. If you are no longer able to attend do not click the confirmation. If you do not click the confirm button before the show is booked you will get a decline email letting you know you were not booked.

Apply now to become an audience sitter.


How to Attend a Show or Casting

Welcome to Onset Productions. To begin getting your FREE TICKETS,

1.       First, find a show/event/casting that you would like to attend on the website.

2.       Then, create a profile that only Onset Casting Directors will see during the selection process. No one outside of Onset Productions will ever see your account.

3.       Once your profile is created, click back on the show/event/casting LOGO you would like to attend and CLICK the “APPLY FREE TICKETS” button. The website will ask you how many tickets (up to 2 for FREE shows and 1 for incentive shows), that you would like for that show/event/casting.

4.       Once your ticket request is submitted, the button will now say “TICKETS REQUESTED”. You are done signing up for the show. 

5.       Now that you have requested tickets, Onset Casting Directors will then review your ticket request and profile.  All shows are casted so some members, NOT ALL, will get his/her ticket request APPROVED. Reason being, there is only so many people that can attend a show and most shows reach capacity. If approved, you will receive an email alert back to the original email you signed up with and a text message that your tickets were approved. (ALWAYS CHECK YOUR EMAIL AND SPAM FOLDER DAILY TO SEE IF YOU RECEIVED TICKETS)

6.       When you receive that email or text message, go back into your account to approve your tickets.

7.       CLICK the “YES IM IN” button and PRINT out your tickets. Most members with tickets will receive a confirmation text or call the day before the show/event/casting to confirm his/her name on the guest list. Thats it!!!! See you at the show.  

Hire Onset Productions

Thank you for your interest in Onset Productions, LLC. Our skilled staff is eager to assist you in making your production a success. We invite you to experience our outstanding level of customer service at competitive prices. Feel free to call us between the hours of 11 AM – 6 PM (PST) at (310) 214-3777 on Monday – Friday, or email us at

Group Tickets

On some shows, not all, we offer group tickets of 10 or more depending on size of venue and audience size. We DO NOT offer group tickets to INCENTIVE SHOWS.  If you have an organized group of 10 or more, please contact us and let us know what show/event you are interested in attending. Send a detailed email with the information listed below to and someone will contact you and let you know if we can accommodate you. Include in your email:

  • Group Coordinator’s Name
  • Contact telephone number
  • Which event your group would like to attend
  • Number of tickets needed


TV Shows Premium Access

There are over 45 TV shows being taped at any one time in the New York City area. Most TV show tickets are free, but some shows will actually pay you to attend their taping, as these tapings can be slow and tedious. The pay to attend these types of shows is about $15/hour for about 8 hours of work. Some of the free TV show tapings can be hard to get, while other TV show tickets are abundant and are available any day of the week. Many TV shows come into New York City, book a TV studio and shoot a large amount of shows in a small period of time to minimize their studio costs. They may not return to tape again for several weeks. Other shows shoot every day and may be broadcast on that day, so they must maintain a permanent TV studio, EG The late night talk shows. Both types of these shows have free tickets which are available to the general public.

Making extra cash by watching a tv shows while having fun and seeing your favorite artists, who don’t want it?

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