Get Paid to Go to the Movies! Earn extra cash

Get paid to go to movies

Don’t sit on the bench—get paid to see your favorite movies!

It Pays to Be a CFA—You’ll be paid for field visits that you make… and even reimbursed for your movie tickets and concessions for select assignment

Once you’ve become registered, you’ll also get:

Once you’ve become registered, you’ll also get:
Alerts that are emailed to you when certain assignments in your area are available, keeping you informed about the assignments you are looking for! The ability to choose assignments most appropriate for you – you are free to accept or decline any assignment offer! Access to thousands of assignments nationwide in both the U.S. and Canada! AND MORE!


Theatre Checks: Most of these assignments are conducted on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Trailer Checks: Present your Letter of Authorization to theatre management to watch and record all trailers on all screens shown prior to the assigned feature.

Open Checks: Present your Letter of Authorization to theatre management to count the patrons attending the showtimes of the assigned feature, and collecting box office information at the end of the day.

Blind Checks: Covertly counting patrons attending all show times of the assigned feature on the assigned day.

Advertisement Checks: Watch and record all advertisements shown prior to the feature.

Sneak Checks: Present your Letter of Authorization to theatre management to watch a sneak preview of an upcoming release, collecting reactions and demographic information.

Comprehensive Checks: Present your Letter of Authorization to theatre management to collect a variety of information on new releases: Patron counts, ticket prices, sound and visual quality, trailers shown, etc

Mystery Shopping/On-site Evaluations: Posing as a typical customer, usually without the theatre personnel’s knowledge, you would go to a theatre to evaluate the movie-going experience. This includes an assessment of how you are treated as a customer, the overall appearance, housekeeping, & marketing and/or promotional material placement.
Promotional Material Installations: Involves assembling movie standees, installing one-sheets (movie posters), banners, etc.
Exit Polling/Trailer and Advertisement Recall/Market Research: Various types of movie audience data is collected at theatres on behalf of movie studios, and is used to assess public opinion of current and upcoming movie releases.
On-site Auditing: This involves such tasks as counting/confirming placement of promotional materials, counting people, and a variety of other related activities.

Become a Certified Field Associate in the Movie Industry


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How do I receive contracts/assignments?
The Certified website allows you to view and offer your services for open contracts/assignments. Some assignments now allow you to automatically “link” (Autolink) yourself, which means that you are then assigned, and agree to complete the assignment as outlined. Other assignments of contracts are offered for you to request. After you request an assignment, it will show up as “Pending” when you view your information. This means that the assignment has not yet been assigned to anyone by the Zone Manager. If the assignment status is “Outstanding”, it has been assigned to you. Currently, if you are chosen for an assignment, you will receive a confirmation call from the Zone Manager before it is assigned to you. If the assignment status is “Unavailable”, then it has been assigned to another Certified Field Associate. Please keep in mind that the same assignment may be requested by many Certified Field Associates. The number of available assignments is always changing, so you may want to check back often if you don’ find an assignment that fits your criteria.
What do I do when I fulfill the contract/complete the assignment?
You need to promptly furnish the results to Certified online. A small number of assignments cannot be entered via the website, and should be submitted via telephone, or fax. Your field form will indicate what the suggested submission procedures are. Finally, the original, completed, and legible paperwork should be mailed within 24 hours, as we cannot bill a client without it.
How often will I receive contracts/assignments?
The number of assignments can vary due to location and the number of Certified Field Associates requesting contracts in your area. You can now Autolink yourself to many assignments, so you determine the number of assignments you wish to accept. The remaining assignments you can request, and for those, Certified assignors consider your history regarding the following:
Timely completion of assignments and delivery of desired results Returning phone or email inquiries from Certified quickly, especially regarding contract completion status Immediate reporting, and subsequent mailing, of completed assignments
How do I enter my completed report online?
Log onto the website and click on “Certified Field Associate Access/Login,” then log in with your username and password. Click on “View Details” on the left of the screen. Next, find the project ID and click on “Enter Report Here.” You will then enter the information from your field form.
How do I update my status online?
A new feature allows you to let us know your assignment/contract status, such as that you have received your paperwork and are ready to complete the assignment, or that you are having trouble fulfilling the specifications outlined. Using this tool is strongly encouraged, so that we know your status without calling you on the phone. To update, log onto the website and click on “Certified Field Associate Access/Login,” then log in with your username and password. Click on “View Details” on the left of the screen. Next, click on the “Update your Status Here” link at the top of the page. From the box that pops up, select a project to update, and enter the appropriate information. Click the “Update Job Status” on the bottom, and you’re done!
How do I update my personal information?
In order to keep your information current, we strongly encourage you to review your information by clicking on “My Information,” and updating as necessary.
How do I contact Certified with questions or concerns about an assignment that I have?
You can send us a message by clicking on “Send Message” on the left toolbar. Be sure to fill out all fields so that we can address your question or problem without delay. Please note that the message board poster is for your current assignments, not assignments that you may be interested in.
Why do I get an “Access Denied” message?
This can occur for several reasons:
You have requested that we remove you from any future contract offerings/assignments. If you change your mind at a later date, you will need to contact us. Your information has not been updated. Please see “How do I update my personal information?” You have failed to fulfill contracts/complete assignments without first notifying us. We understand that occasionally emergencies do arise. Please make all efforts to contact us as soon as possible. You have not met the contractual obligations of your assignments. This can include not completing an assignment on time, or with the outcomes as outlined in the contract. You have repeatedly accepted assignments, only to cancel. Please be sure to read the contract specifications. for all assignments, and only accept them if you can fulfill the requirements!
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