Get Paid to Test Websites with Userlytics

Looking for a fun and easy way to make a little extra money? Learn how to get paid to test websites with Userlytics. Earn up to $20 per test. #sidehustle #workathome

If you want to earn a little extra fun money in your spare
time, why not do something you’re probably already doing anyway . . . get

Userlytics will pay you to test websites and apps to see how
people interact with them. You may be requested to complete a few tasks to test
how user-friendly a site is. Then, offer your feedback and get paid.

You can accept tasks whenever you have free time, no need to
keep up with a schedule or accept shifts.

How Userlytics Works

When you sign up with Userlytics you’ll be taken to your
dashboard. Once there you’ll have a chance to fill out your profile. The more
complete your profile, the better Userlytics will be able to match you to test

Before accepting a task, you will know what it pays and how
long it should take to complete.

If you choose to accept a task, instructions will be given
to you. Some common (basic) instructions would be to navigate a website while
speaking your feelings about it out loud.

Requirements to Be a Userlytics Testers

There are some hardware and software requirements you’ll
need to meet in order to do the work:

Desktop Testing:

  • A desktop computer. For Mac, you’ll need OSX
    10.13 or higher. For PC, you’ll need Windows 7 or higher.

Mobile Testing:

  • A mobile phone. For Android, you’ll need 5.0
    (Lollipop) or higher. For iPhone, you’ll need iOS 10 or higher.
  • Reliable internet connection and browser –
    Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer are all acceptable.
  • Microphone for recording your feedback.
  • Some tests require a front camera for video
  • The Userlytics App installed.

How Much Does Userlytics Pay?

The pay varies based on the test and the amount of time it
is expected to take. On average, payment is between $5 and $20 per test,
although some projects pay as much as $90. These tests are usually interactive
testing via webcam with the client watching how you navigate their site.

Payment is made via PayPal so you will need a valid PayPal
account. You will be responsible for your own taxes, they are not withheld from
your payment.

You can test sites and apps as often or as infrequently as
you’d like based on the available jobs for your demographic. This isn’t a consistent
job, but you can earn a little fun money in your free time.

How to Sign Up for Userlytics

To get started, you’ll need to provide some basic information and take an online test. Simply visit the Userlytics Website, enter your email address and click “sign up.” After passing your test, you’ll receive email notifications about potential testing opportunities that meet your demographic.

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