Gift Ideas For Your Little Girl This Holiday

For us Moms that have daughters who love all things girl and need gift ideas for your little girl, this holiday look no further. When it comes to looking for gift ideas for your little girl there are many gifts you can find to suit their femininity- from clothes to shoes, to jewelry and toys, girly girls won’t say no to glittery and pretty things.

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Gift Ideas For Your Little Girl

If your struggling to find fresh gift ideas for your little girl this holiday, We’ve got some girl-friendly toys and “beauty” products for your little girl we think she’ll love forever!

Project Mc2 Perfume Science Kit

Gift Ideas For Your Little Girl This Holiday
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When it comes to perfume it doesn’t just smell good there’s also a science behind it. You can really bring out your daughter’s creative side with the Project Mc2 Perfume Science Kit. With this kit, your daughter will not only be able to create her own scent with the ingredients included but she can also make household items that smell good!

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Num Noms Nail Polish Maker

Gift Ideas For Your Little Girl This Holiday
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What girly girl doesn’t like having her nails done especially with all the bright colors and smells that are available. With the Num Noms Nail Polish Maker, you get both the vibrant colors and smells all in one. Alongside this, your little girl will have the ability to make her own nail polish colors. In order to make this nail polish you just need to add the base, then the candy -smelling colors, and some glitter. You can then paint your own nails or the plastic molds. Why not add some stickers to make your nails, extra special.

Hair Fairy Satin Pillowcase

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No one likes tangles when little girls who have their hair brushed each morning. It’s time to say goodbye to cotton-blended pillowcase, and hello to these cute Hair Fair Sating pillows. These satin pillows are an easy way to prevent frizz, detangling, and even premature face wrinkles. It comes in a number of colors along with a cute fairy that will keep your daughter comany and safe at night!.

DIY Jewelry Display

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No matter how old your little girl is there always collecting jewelry even from a young age. If your daughter is like many the jewelry is probably stuck in a draw somewhere all tangled up. This simple and inexpensive handmade DIY Jewelry Display is a great gift for any girl. It’s as simple as stretching some fabric around a corkboard, stapling or gluing, and then adding thumbtacks to hang all that gorgeous and fun jewelry for your little girl.

Fancy Bobby Pins

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For all you crafty Moms out there you’ll love this simple and sparkling gift idea. In order to create this gift, all you need is bobby pins, jewelry glue, gems, and settings. With this, you can make your daughter some of the most beautiful bobby pins around!. This is a cost-effective gift and one that makes it even more special because it’s handmade by mom.

21-Piece Disney Dress Up Collection

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Got a daughter that loves dressing up? if the answer is yes you’ll know how expensive it really can be. Some of us moms get lucky at the thrift store but it’s not always the case. This 21-Piece Disney Dress Up Collection witch is exclusive to Amazon comes with all the accessories your little girl needs to dress up as a princess. The collection comes with 3 skirts, 4 shirts, and a number of accessories such as bracelets, headbands, necklaces, and many more. although the quality may not be great your little girl will love dressing up as a different Disney princess each day!.

Floral Nightlight

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This DIY floral nightlight made from a shadow box is the perfect addition to any girl’s room. This night light is made from careful tracing and installed with LED lights. Your little girl will be able to say hello to a beautiful work of are and goodbye to the standard plug-in nightlight. You can get as creative as you want the sky is the limit with these handmade night lights.

Gift Ideas For Your Little Girl This Holiday- Conclusion

You may be pulling your hair out when it comes to selecting a gift for your daughter this holiday. As you can see it’s not all about purchasing expensive gifts that your little girl will just play with a couple of times and get bored. you can really personalize your gifts by creating some masterpieces. Many of these handmade gifts will last a lifetime and you little girl will love using them over and over again.

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