How to earn up to $50 over & over again for each issue you find

How to earn up to $50 over & over again for each issue you find

I will share you on how to earn up to $50 for just finding an issue or bugs in an apps,games or website you are playing or using. This isn’t a job but a part time online work that you can do on your spare time. But you can earn up to $50 for every issue you find. Can’t find any bugs? No problem. You can also be paid for rating apps. Easily work from home or from your favorite place. Work the hours that make sense for you. This website is called TEST IO

If you are interested to register, pls click HERE

how to earn up to $50 finding issues on apps and games

If you are a new tester at test IO, the first test you will be able to participate in is an onboarding test. This test is your chance to learn the basics and understand the platform. With these tests, we ensure that only qualified testers enter customer tests. Before you can practice in live testing, you first have to pass the onboarding quiz that consists of 9 questions and which covers the basics of our testing procedures. You need to have at least 6 correct answers to qualify for the practical part – our onboarding tests. Don’t worry if you don’t pass the quiz on the first attempt – make sure to read through all the articles of Academy and give it another try. 

Start your first test.As soon as you register, you’ll receive an invitation to your first test.

Submitting a Bug Report

After you have tested the given website or app and found a bug that is in scope, you now need to document your findings in a proper and consistent way. To do so, fill in a bug form that consists of the following sections and submit the report: 

  • Bug Report Title
  • Steps to Reproduce
  • Expected Result
  • Actual Result
  • Attachments
  • Environment

Receive your first payout
You get paid from your first test run when you find bugs.
test IO pays its testers on a monthly basis.

Available payment methods

  • SEPA bank transfer
  • Payoneer
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  1. On the 11th of each month (or the next business day), your earnings from the previous month will be added up and displayed here.
  2. Please check the summary and report any problems via the support chat.
  3. Otherwise, click the “Request” button between the 11th and the 19th to request the bill to be paid that month.
  4. A PDF invoice will be generated for your records, which can also be downloaded.
  5. The requested payment will be sent until the end of the month.

Get more invitations
Receive more invitations based on devices you have, your interest, and your skills. Earn while you learn.

Become a testing king
Climb the ladder to test the hottest apps or participate in exclusive test runs with more opportunities.

How much can you earn?
Most tests pay by the bug. You earn more money for more critical bugs — up to $50 for the most important bugs. You can also earn guaranteed money by reviewing apps or completing scripted test cases.

What devices do I need to test?

You will need access at least to a desktop computer. Beyond that, the more devices you have, the more opportunities you will have to test. Most testers have one or more mobile phones, and some have smart home devices and wearables. You don’t need the latest gadget; there are plenty of tests on older phones, and many great bugs to be found!

What happens if I can’t accept an invitation?

We want to work with your schedule, so there’s no penalty for not accepting an invitation. It’s helpful to let us know if you can’t test so we can offer your place to someone else right away. Please test if you say you’re going to — it’s good karma and better for your fellow testers.

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