How to get paid to draw no experienced needed

Get paid to draw

How can we make money by just doing a simple drawing on pc or mobile apps easy no need to be good at drawing or experienced required.

How does it work? Pretty simple. You sign up, we give you tasks, you do tasks, you get paid. You’ll need a PayPal account to collect your cash and we send out payments once each week, by Friday.

Sign up by clicking SPARE5.COM

Get some tasks . What are some task like? They have a wide variety of tasks, but most of them focus on deriving the meaning of, or providing human insight into, audio, video, or image files.

Do some tasks like image below

annotate images

Annotate images Draw bounding boxes around various elements in an image and describe what’s where in a photo.

isolate elements
Isolate elements Find the edges of an object to help computers see what you see.

assess language

Assess language
Tell us about the tone, meaning, contents, or attitude of a conversation, or simply the contents of an audio file.
And get paid through paypal.
You must earn at least $1 to receive a Friday payout. If your balance is under $1 at the Thursday 12:00am PT (Pacific Time) cutoff, it will be carried over to the next payout period. Payouts occur by 5pm Friday Pacific Time for tasks submitted during the seven-day period ending Thursday at 12:00am PT (Pacific Time). 

Who provides the tasks? We work with a variety of companies to help train their programs and algorithms to think and work better. Here are some of the companies we’ve worked with so far.

What are the different types of tasks?

Spare5 has lots of different kinds of tasks available. 

  • Paid Tasks: Let’s call these “Capital-T” Tasks. We receive tasks from our business partners and distribute to you, our awesome Fives. Tagging, titling, rating, editing, annotating, reviewing…we’re constantly adding new partners and making new tasks available. We review all submitted tasks for quality, and as long as you take your time and do your best, we’ll keep assigning you new tasks.  
  • Qualifiers: Qualifiers test your ability to perform a task. You may need to take a Tutorial before you’re given access to the Qualifier, and we recommend carefully reading the instructions and trying any available Practice tasks beforehand.  If you pass the qualifier, you’ll be given access to additional paid tasks of that type. If you do not pass the qualifier, you’ll get another chance after 48 hours. 
  • Tutorials and Training:  Tutorials teach you how to do skilled tasks, like drawing boxes or writing descriptions. You’ll need to finish the tutorial to access that task’s qualifier, but keep in mind that your score doesn’t matter — tutorials are all about learning how to do a task. You can take tutorials as many times as you’d like.    
  • Practice Tasks:Practice tasks give you more chances to learn a task and find out what we are expecting. Practice tasks are unpaid.
  • Surveys: Surveys help us get to know you a little better. Most tasks are for everybody, but we have some targeted tasks, such as those only for women or people who can speak a certain language. Your surveys let us assign tasks that are the most suitable for you.
  • Master Tasks: Master Tasks ask you to review and refine another Five’s tasks to fix any errors. You’ll check the quality of completed tasks, like a regular review. But you won’t just tell us if it’s right or wrong. You’ll also fix the task yourself to make it perfect. If you get one of these paid tasks, congrats! Master Tasks are only available to Fives with the most experience, strongest tasking history, and who continue to submit great tasks.

Using Drawing Tools

The sides of your bounding box should touch the top, bottom, left and right boundaries of the item. No object pixels should be outside the box, and there shouldn’t be any margin between the box and the object.

How can I be great at drawing polygons?Polygon enclosures should only capture specific parts of the image, and the lines should trace the object being captured. None of the object should appear inside of the polygon lines, and there shouldn’t be any margin between the line and the object. Be sure that your polygons aren’t too tight or too loose. Here’s an example of a well-drawn polygon:

How do I pan and zoom in an image?Spare5 recently changed our tools for bounding box and cuboid tasks.The big change: we removed the Draw and Select tools. Draw and Select are now always on.To move or “pan” around in an image: you now hold down the [Space] bar. Zooming in and out still is the same: press the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons, or use Ctrl-Plus and Ctrl-Minus.

For more general information about spare5 ,go to the help section by clicking here

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