Legit Work from Home Online Jobs Full time Part time

Legit Work from Home Online Jobs

You might be interested in working at home but concerned that you will have to sell stuff. It maybe seems to you that moms who work at home sell stuff. They sell Avon, or cooking supplies, or homemade baby blankets. Whatever it is, it’s selling and you want no part of it. Can you work at home without selling stuff?

The answer is both yes and no. That is, while you can work at home without blatantly selling items like skincare and cooking utensils and baby blankets, you will always be selling something – yourself, your services, your skills.

You love the idea of being able to work at home and relish the notion of spending more time with the family, but you’re just not sure this is the right road for you. Don’t sweat it – you are not alone in your doubts. Just about every woman who has ever launched a successful at-home career has faced them. Still, it’s smart to be sure.
Working at home does require a lot of dedication, discipline and patience. It’s just not for everyone, and that is perfectly okay. There are a few things that should be carefully considered if you’re intending to become a work at home mom. Even if you are a stay at home mom, adding a career into the mix can change things a bit. To make sure you’re going in a good direction for you, it is important to review such things as finances, family support and your ability to cope with the prospect of working at home. Some moms thrive in this situation, but others wither. So let’s look at some options for non-selling at-home jobs and discuss what you do have to sell, like it or not.


Online writing is fast becoming a WAHM job that’s overtaking many others. You can write articles for clients or you can write articles and then market them to potential customers. You can write for revenue-share sites and you can write eBooks and then sell them.














Pet sitter




Many former teachers are discovering the earning potential of being an online tutor. In this capacity, they tutor students who are having problems in a particular subject area. Most of the work is done exclusively online, reducing the need to travel to work or see clients in the home.





Virtual Assistant







Website design
Many moms with some skill at website design have traded in the office job for the comfort of working at home and designing websites. If you have even an inkling of skill at this (or very good software that can do a lot of it for you) you can create nice looking websites for clients.










Are you selling, though?

All of these jobs we talk about above require a certain level of marketing. You must market yourself in order to make yourself desirable to clients. That means you are selling something – yourself. If you are so uncomfortable with the concept of selling anything that you don’t think you can even sell yourself and your services, then working at home might not be ideal for you unless you are employed and simply work at home for your employer.

But if you decide to work at home in your own business, you must learn to market yourself. You must learn and accept that you have to market, or sell, yourself to make yourself appealing to clients. That’s simply part of the game.

Having said that, though, it’s not the same to market yourself and sell your services as it is to sell clothing or skincare products. If you want to get away from the direct selling that those types of jobs might require, you can do many other things at home that only require you to sell yourself and your services.

While obstacles will stand in the way of any business venture, some of the hurdles for at-home businesses are a little different. There are ways to combat each and every one. When you have an arsenal of weapons at your disposal, you can clear the path to success.
These tips can prove very effective for helping work at home mothers face down and conquer any stumbling block that stands in the way:
Establishing set hours for most days While flexibility is important, having a schedule that is stuck to on a regular basis can be, as well. When you put your foot down about working hours and try to maintain a schedule, it is easier to strike a balance that will work in your life.

Creating a home office Even if it’s a closet that you stake out as your own, having a room with a door to retreat to for business calls and serious deadline work can be a lifesaver. By all means, get the laptop so you can work in the living room as your family buzzes around you, but have a haven to go to when it’s needed the most. Doing this, by the way, can even help on your taxes, so it’s smart from a few standpoints. Having babysitter backups If you’re going to be a work at home mom with young children, it is imperative to have sitters or daycare lined up for when it’s needed the most. It won’t matter if your business is sales related or service, there will be some days that you just cannot be available to your family.

Assigning tasks If your children are older, an at home business can become everyone’s jobs. Assign children chores and tasks they can perform to help out. These can include business-related functions or even just putting the kids on dish duty to free you up to finish evening calls. A little work never hurt anyone and kids who pitch in to help make a family function well learn valuable lessons along the way.
Focus on the prize Saying “no” to the third trip to the park during a sun shiny week can be hard, but doing so can be important. When your children see you working hard for
your family, they can learn by example. Installing a strong work ethic early can put youngsters on their own path to success.
Establish a dress code Deadlines aside, getting up and getting dressed for work even if you’re just moving from your bed to the computer is important. This can help you feel better about yourself and keep you motivated and projecting successful vibes in the process.

Your homework is done, you’ve selected your business and you’re ready to go full steam ahead. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, a friend asks you how you’ll make up for those valuable benefits that your present employer provides.
So, how do you answer? Can you fill the gaps?
Chances are you can cover yourself appropriately. From health insurance and retirement to savings, you will find it is often possible to recreate roughly the same type of coverage you enjoyed as a full-time employee in the rat race. The right approach to take will depend on your personal circumstances.

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