Make Money Selling Your Photos Online With Foap

Do you take some pretty great photos? If so, you can download the FOAP app and start selling them. Top sellers earn up to $4k per year!

The quality of smartphones these days makes taking high-quality photos easier than ever. Selling your photos online can be a great way to earn some extra money during your spare time. People are constantly looking for stock photos and depending on the site will pay some good money to get them. 

You can take photos of various different things and sell them to stock photos sites and other companies that will pay you to use your images. Foap is one site that will help you make money with the photos are just being stored in your phone or on your camera.

Foap Overview

Foap is an app available for both Andriod and iPhone devices. The app makes it easy to upload pictures and videos and start making money.

Foap was founded in 2012 and has been a profitable way for photographers to make money. Upload your photos through the app and share half the profits you make of your images with Foap. They have three cooperate locations in New York, Sweden, and Poland. 

How to Get Started

After downloading the app you can create a profile with either an email or your Facebook account. They do ask new contributors to rate other photos on the platform before they can start uploading their own.

The rating system is between 1-5 stars and is a way to engage with other Foapers out there. After hitting the explore icon you can rate by pressing the star on the top right corner. 

Uploading Photos 

On an iPhone, you simply press on the “camera” icon on the middle bottom of your screen and you should be able to select a photo to upload from your phone’s gallery. On Android devices click on the circled “+” icon to simply add your photo(s) to the app. 

Once that’s done, add all of the required information (tags, caption,legal questions answers). No worries if you don’t get it perfect you can always change it later in your “Manage photos” portion of the app. That’s it after you complete these steps, your photo is on the Foap market and ready to be purchased by anyone. 

What They Will Help you With 

  • Foap will distribute your content through companies, like Getty Images, to help you sell even more of your photos.
  • Get feedback on your photos from other Foapers. 

Best Ways to Increase Selling Chances 

There are many things you can do to get your photos the views that can translate into money. One place to start is by putting an appropriate caption with the photo and adding relevant tags.

Using all the possible words to describe the photo will raise the chances that it will be found and bought. You can also look at the sold category of photos in the app, and compare what has been a successful photo in the past. 

How Much you Can Earn 

Big brands like Sony and Mastercard have actually used photos from Foap for their advertising companies in the past. Mastercard paid a Foap contributor $500 for a photo of his son playing in the snow.

Normally, a photo on Foap sells for $10 you keep $5 and the other $5 goes to Foap. For one ad, Puma went above and beyond and paid $2,000 for a single photo highlighting a soccer player. Some of the top photographers on Foap can make around $4,000 a year just from selling photos. 

How to Get Paid 

Foap pays contributors through their PayPal account. You can add the payment through the settings section through both Andriod and iPhone devices. If you want to withdraw your money there is an option to withdrawal now. 

Other Places you can Sell Photos 

Instagram is also a great place to make an extra income for your photos as well. There are plenty of influencers out there who make great more off sponsored posts shared on Instagram. 


You can make some decent extra money from your photos. There are so many sites just like Foap that will split 50% of the income generated off the photograph. It’s great because you can generate income off a single photo or multiple ones.

If one of your popular photos is doing well, you can try and capture a similar moment on another photo. Foap also lets you see which photos are doing well so that’s another way to get ideas for photos.

Do you take some pretty great photos? If so, you can download the FOAP app and start selling them. Top sellers earn up to $4k per year!

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