Outdoor Pool Noodle Games

Outdoor Pool Noodle Games
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There are many outdoor pool noodle games available. Pool noodles are the most versatile item made and very cheap to purchase. In addition, there are also many genius ways in which you can use them. You can head over to Dollar Tree and get them for $1.

The Best Outdoor Pool Noodle Games

Not only are pool noodles cheap they are great for playing outdoor games especially if the weather is nice. In this post, we’ve come ups with some of the best outdoor pool noodle games for you to try in the summer or even spring.

Pool Noodle Ring Toss

Outdoor Pool Noodle Games
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Ring toss is really easy to set up and can be enjoyed by kids of any age, even adults. This pool noodle game is really easy to set up. All you have to do is cut up some pool noodles ready to toss. In addition, if you tape some noodles into round shapes the game is ready. This game is great for adults and older kids and really cheap to set up. Furthermore, once you’ve played you can keep the game set up and enjoy it all summer round with friends and family.


Outdoor Pool Noodle Games
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Bowling is loved by everyone. Visiting a bowling alley, however, can prove to be very expensive nowadays. What could be more better than playing outdoors for free? To set up this popular game set up a bowling lane with pool noodles and anything you can find for pins and a ball. I love to use old drinks bottles and a beach ball but anything you can get your hands on will do fine. This game will entertain your kids for hours. In addition, it will also bring out their competitive side.

Field Hockey

Field hockey
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Since having a child I’ve realized for some odd reason kids love hitting balls with sticks, bats, or anything they can get their hand on. My daughter loves to hit a ball with anything she can get her hands on especially as we have a dog she tries to get the ball away from him. Baring this in mind friend hockey is the perfect game for any child. As my daughter loves to hit a ball with anything I’m sure your child will love to as well especially if you have a boy. To make this fun field hockey game just blow up some balloons or a large bouncy ball for the puck, Put down some laundry baskets or boxes for the goals and let your kids run free with pool noodles for the sticks. This game has proven to keep kids entertained for hours.

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Javelin Toss

Jsvalin toss
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Javelin toss is a great way to challenge your kids with pool noodles. You can let your kids throw pool noodles through rings for hours on end. The higher you arrange the rings the more harder and challenging the game becomes. As this won’t be an easy gamer it keeps the kids entertained and their minds active for longer. You kids will defiantly get those noodles through the rings.

You can find more activities for kids and DIY projects at Morning Chores or Tip Junkie.

Lightsaber Sword Fight

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All kids love Star Wars, I’m yet to come across a kid that doesn’t. Although many kids have not seen the movies they are aware of the characters and toys as they can be found everywhere. Star wars lightsabers are one of the most popular toys on the market amongst kids. You can imagine the fun your kids will love to hit each other with pool noodle light sabers fighting each other.

Check out Disney family for ways to make these cool lightsabers.

Pool Noodle Obstetrical Course

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When kids are running and playing around the backyard, you can make things a lot more interesting by creating a pool noodle obstacle course. This can make playtime with friends a lot more interesting. You can put some round rings made from pool noodles on the grass for your little ones to jump through or even some semi-circles for them to crawl through depending on the age.

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Pool noodle Water Balloon Water Slide

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This game is a great way to cool off on a day you want to go outside but it’s way too hot to do so. The water balloon slide is a great way for your kids to cool off. As the water balloons break your kids get splashed with water and can get soaked. This is perfect for hot sunny days. Your kids can race each other to see who can break the most balloons and get the most soaked.

Outdoor Pool Noodle Games- Conclusion

As you can see there are many fun ways that you can entertain your kids with pool noodles. Some of the activities will require you to use other props or even purchase additional items. However, all items are inexpensive or items you may already have laying about the house. For more pool noodle ideas check out Fabulessley Frugal.

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