Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Beauty Necessities

You, my friend, are looking stunning today. But, we know looking your best does not come free of charge. 

Hairstyling, hair coloring, skin treatments, anti-aging skincare, essential vitamins, teeth whitening, and even botox and filler treatments. These beautifying habits can rack up serious costs. 

It can be tricky for moms trying to save money but they still want to properly maintain their hair, skin, and nails. 

In this article, we go over 5 creative ways you can still enjoy your beauty necessities without spending outside of your monthly budget. 

#1 Don’t be beholden to branding anymore — buy dupes

Stop paying that #branded tax. Off-brand products are just as good as the hyped-up branded version. 

If you feel your best when rocking your favorite shade of lip stain, look for an off-the-beaten-path brand. 

Drugstores also have their own off-brand products that often have a dupe ingredient list for half of the “on-brand” cost. 

For example, if you love the Benefit’s Lip Tint (Benetint), which runs $30 a pop, instead, look at ELF’s lip and cheek stain which only costs $4. 

Nearly the same exact product but far less than a quarter of the price. Heck, you can buy a couple of shades and still pay a quarter of the Benefit price.  

The only thing missing? The branding. 

Who needs it?

#2 The dollar store has all of your everyday essential beauty “tools”

Cotton balls, cotton pads, ear swabs, bobby pins, baby wipes, loofahs, washcloths, and hair ties are all extremely useful tools you can buy at a serious discount at your local dollar store. 

You can easily get double (if not triple) the amount of product for the same amount of money you’d spend elsewhere. 

 #3 The secret of abandoned cart discounts

In the marketing world, there is an incentive email discount that is sent to those who shopped around a site, added a few things in the cart but never ended up checking out. 

If you know you want to buy yourself something nice, try adding the item to your cart, get halfway through check out (you have to give them your email) but before fully checking out, leave the site for at least 2-5 days. 

Email durations will depend, and it’s totally possible that the eCommerce site isn’t running abandoned cart deals but most eCommerce sites do. 

These discounts can range from 10% to 25% off. If you want something but can’t justify the cost, try to catch an incentive discount. 

 #4 If you use prescription medications for a skin condition or hair loss – STOP going to the doctor for it

If you have an active prescription, hey, keep filling it until it’s expired. But the next time you need to get a new prescription from your doctor, skip the doctor’s office and just do it online

Doctors are now prescribing common beauty-related medications online, such as tretinoin, azelaic acid, finasteride, spironolactone, and minoxidil prescription formulas. 

Going to the doctor’s office might cost you a lot of out-of-pocket money if you have high deductible insurance or have to see a doctor outside of primary care.  

Prescription skincare and hair loss treatments are now accessible from your couch with no office/doctor fee. 

Of course, there are some more complicated skin and hair situations where it is best to see a doctor in person (and you should keep doing that). But, if your situation is pretty straightforward, a telehealth visit may help save you time and money while getting the same treatments.

 #5 Learn how to use nourishing plant oils as a multipurpose beauty tool 

Grapeseed oil is non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores like coconut oil will) and can be used in a million different ways. 

Do you buy any of these items? 

  • Makeup remover water or balm
  • Facial oil 
  • Deep conditioning hair treatments
  • Scar oil
  • Lotion 
  • Nail cuticle oil 

Well, grapeseed oil can replace them all for a fraction of the cost.

Grapeseed oil is the most cost-effective nourishing plant oil you can use and it’s extremely beneficial to your hair, skin, and nails. 

Grapeseed oil is:

  • Naturally antimicrobial which makes it a great facial oil, oil cleanser, and make-up remover for those with acne.
  • It’s rich in vitamin E and linoleic acid so it may lighten any skin discolorations from scaring, stretch marks, or sun damage. 
  • A great conditioning treatment to use before shampooing. Natural fatty acids can help nourish your hair and reduce hair damage. 

You can get a half-gallon bottle for $12.00 on Amazon which will last forever! You can also use this great oil in your cooking too. 

Get creative with your buying power 

Budgeters that say you just can’t buy frivolous beauty-related things and save money are wrong. 

If you want to spend your money on things that make you feel good, there are plenty of ways to get creative with your money so you can enjoy your beauty treatments while also saving your coin. 

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