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video captioner work from home

Earn Money with Captioning Jobs from Home

Want to enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere?

Work from home as a captioner with Rev. To get started, you’ll need strong English skills, a computer, and a dependable Internet connection.

What is captioning?

Captioning is the creation of text-based closed captions from video audio. In addition to typing the dialogue, captioners also describe sound effects and music cues to help viewers understand what’s going on. Captioners then time the captions to the audio.

What does being a freelance captioner with Rev entail?

As a freelance captioner with Rev, you’ll have access to a list of customer videos that need captioning. You can claim and work on any jobs you choose, subject to meeting Rev’s quality requirements for freelancer work. The video content, pay, and deadline are all listed upfront so you can decide if the captioning job is a good fit for you and your schedule.

Rev provides a web-based captioning editor you use to capture all audible English speech, sound effects, music, and lyrics in a video file. Customers receive an easy to edit version of the caption file that can be downloaded in many forms.

What are the requirements to be a freelance captioner with Rev?

You must have strong English language skills and be able to accurately caption audio. We ask you to take a grammar quiz and submit a caption sample prior to being approved to caption with Rev. We will provide you with guidelines on how to ensure your caption sample meets the quality standards expected by customers.

Captioners do not need demonstrated prior experience or any special qualifications. There is no age requirement.

Do I need equipment?

You need a desktop or laptop computer and a reliable internet connection. You can claim freelance captioning jobs and complete them all through Rev’s online platform.

Get paid weekly Sent via Paypal

$240 Average earnings per month $1570 Top monthly earning

Benefits of working with Rev

Decide what you want to work on

Pick from a variety of educational videos, movies, TV shows, and more to caption.

Get paid weekly

Receive weekly payouts via PayPal for all work completed. Rev is on-time and dependable.

Choose your own schedule

Work as much or as little as you want, whenever you want. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Start working from home in 3 easy steps

Sign up and get approved to caption Take a grammar quiz and submit a captioning sample to demonstrate your English language and grammar skills. If you’re approved, you can start working right away.

Choose from available captioning jobs. You’ll find hundreds of caption jobs to choose from. Select jobs you’re interested in and work as little or as much as you prefer.

Get paid weekly via PayPal. As a captioner, you’ll get paid every Monday for all audio files captioned and completed the prior week.


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